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Case Study

Community and Positioning in Social Networks

Introducing a non-profit organization in the social networks is a challenge for the marketing expert working on strategic positioning and distribution of ideas and projects that are not in a need of advertising, but this very inspiring message, that is calling to interest in social causes and attract followers in a genuine way. The balance between ideas, ideals and practical steps (volunteering, fundraising, causes exposure, expansion of the community, etc.) requires the development of such static and dynamic content, that can creatively present each of these elements.

We started with the “atmosphere” and “temperature” of the page, created naturally by its members, the unifying factor bringing them together:


  • We have common interests
  • We have common goals
  • We support common values
  • We are people of different ages
  • We are people of different social status
  • With a single idea – offering support, help, helping hand
  • In the community rely on mutual aid, positive attitude and appreciation for each other
  • We welcome diversity and individual identity
  • We are friends

We combined it with the Purpose of the Facebook page as initially defined by them:
• To inform members about past and upcoming events
• To promote its activities as a socially responsible and meaningful community
• To engage the existing supporters and attract new members


We used these as a start point to develop our concept for a regular, dynamic, well-combined, non-annoying, naturally involving into discussion CONTENT, that we divided in two types – static content, submitted only once by an administrator, and a dynamic mix – the right combination of posts (and other formats available in the social networks).


As static, one-time activity, we defined the following:
• Regular change of the cover photo
• Custom-made pages’ development – Description of the main club activity (mission, community) + additional info if needed (e.g. “Our Cause 2017”)
• Static content revision (contacts, mission, links, addresses)
• Galleries


The dynamic content was developed in two directions:
• Events
• Facebook wall posts (and maximum visibility in the news feed of the group members)



  • Useful
  • Informative
  • Well-grounded
  • Interesting
  • Fun
  • Emotionally touching
  • Visual
  • Visionary
  • Intended to attract followers

Paid advertisement: we defined a budget and direction of the advertising efforts: likes of the page / real audience page likes accumulation.


Following an analysis, we chose a mix of postings according to the present and future audience (media mix of contents): 8:2 (10) 1 per week/ or per 10 days with the following parameters:

2 Goal-oriented postings (attracting followers / leading to invitation / leading to call to action), that are informative, promoting and motivating

8 interesting, entertaining, emotionally touching and intriguing postings (generating traffic and activity and keeping the page “alive”, that also aid its generic appearance in the news feed of its members).

This media mix was detailed and expanded to 20 specific exemplary postings cited in the conceptual proposal to Lions Club (not cited in this case).

As a result of following this concept and with the consistent implementation of the recommendations specifically developed in the marketing plan, the club’s page increased the number of visits by page members, maximized the rate of “seen posts”, increased its audience and improved its social network presentation as a main communication channel.




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