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Advantages of Mobile Advertising When Positioning a New Brand in the “Property Sales in Closed Residential Complexes” Niche

The newly established agency of two real estate professionals selling properties in housing estates, gated community buildings and large real estate developments Home Boutique assigned its Internet performance and presentation to the 6 ELEMENTS. Although a new brand, its founders can boast of having more than ten years’ experience as real estate agents, knowing the market well and as a preferred partner by new and loyally returning buyers of a new home. In this case, we are positioning a new brand and along with that, we are introducing their new commission conditions, the agency’s new location, the renewed contact channels and the agency’s advantages in front of the already existing audience.


The 6 Elements’ digital marketing plan focuses on the premium placement and generic positioning of the agency’s site in the Internet, using their optimized website in order to achieve such positions in search engines (Google, Bulgarian market, etc.), PR for brand positioning as well as the event of the new agency opening in Business Park Sofia to place themselves as a major player in the extremely competitive environment of the residential property market. Our efforts were focused on several channels of key importance: free and paid advertisement in the social networks (major focus on LinkedIn, working with selected network and paid advertising), Facebook (interior design area in partnership with a leading company importing premium textile products for home), Instagram (#design-oriented content with low commercial profile and emotionally touching, designer’s highlights from successful design solutions in cooperation with La Perla), as well as paid advertisement in Bulgarian media via a leading BTL channel.
In the beginning our team reviewed and revised the current Google AdWords campaigns of the brand. The campaigns were created by sheer intuition and based on the step-by-step online Google tutorials, where we couldn’t but notice the usual mistakes many realty agencies do:

Common mistakes customers and competitors make when advertising in AdWords:

  • Diffuse budget waste (daily budget of over $ 10 is spent on multiple general key phrases and keywords and for a wide range of common phrases)
  • Fast spending of the budget (without considering the spontaneous search peaks and the probable expence the competitors have already made by not considering the same daily budget usage trend)
  • Commercially unattractive semantic net of general phrases in the advertising content
  • And incorrectly placed landing links

The months the campaigns were running (acquiring completely a quite significant ammount) gave us a good feedback on the trends and dynamics through which the real estate market online has gone through. With the results on the table, we started rewriting the content and placement of the paid advertisment in several directions.


First, we quickly reduced the keywords and phrases to a selection targeting the specific objectives of the agency in full harmony; their goals wer already well described, so all general phrases were easily eliminated; customers with a clear mission and purpose usually manage to achieve fast a successful campaign by coming to us with a duly and well-written “homework”.


As you can guess, campaigns with diffusive and generally targeted key phrases (mostly due to the benevolent keyword suggest tool offered by AdWords) achieve a low CTR and a high bounce rate at the price of quick and complete acquirement of the campaigns’ budget, for each of these elements are initially misplaced.


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By keyword revision and following test ads and continuous monitoring and modification of the campaigns, we managed to find the golden mean. According to the budget spending, we scheduled two sales points in line with the activity of the targeted audience, the extrapolated usage of the competitors’ budget and our internal statistics.


Our next step following the campaign performance and the efficiency improvements was creating a comparative analysis of four of the formats we used. The text ads set in two main directions: A commercial proposal and a commercial proposal + an emotionally impacting slogan, increased the CTR from 4% to 27% within days. We cancelled completely the remarketing option. Display ads (where static banners were better positioned than the dynamic ones) showed up a curious trend that we decided to follow, develop further and optimize.

Text ads increased their CTR
from 4% to 27% within days.


First, we split the existing display advertisement to three separate campaigns in order to monitor the budget utilization (that was far more difficult to track in a single, divided in 3 ad groups campaign) and thus, setting different priorities for each of them.


The problem with the general banner ad with the most popular formats (200×200, 250×200, 728×90, etc.) is the initial approval of the ads, based on the ready to profit from any adsense media, the display recommendation automatically assigns. After proper revisions and media selection (in one of the campaigns we completely turned off the BTL option, in the other we picked up few BTL partners where budget was worth spending) we achieved quality performance of the campaigns, and as you know – Google approval for visual ads is slow (on the hosting media side), so talking about good performance was possible in 4 weeks.


The mobile formats, separated in a special campaign, were tested in two directions (using the simplest option for advertising with ready images, without rotating banners and the opportunities the more complex display advertising give) using the two most popular sizes. One of the ad groups had a commercial message targeting the audience of a new residential complex – a personalized advertising with narrowed phrases, one of the keywords in which was the name of the residential complex. For the second ad group, we prepared a specially designed emotionally charged message, which we combined with a visual refference (in the direction home – family – comfort) image. The right share of the emotional ingredient (not too sentimental or sweet) was crucial for the call to action reactions of the visitors.


As a result of the successfully set geotarget, keywords and phrases, advertising message, constantly revised in terms of efficiency elements and images; along with the new opportunities the mobile advertising and customization of campaigns give, we were able to achieve an extremely high CTR for banner advertisement and to reach almost double growth of the campaign’s initially targeted conversion goals, number of real phone calls and successfully concluded deals.


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