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Visual Harvesting

Visual harvesting or graphic facilitation – the art to persevere words into images; a background of the standard notes and records of meetings, conferences and discussions, opens a whole new chapter in the way we understand, remember and store what has been discussed and decided during a meeting.
Following current trends of the classic semantic net’s enrichment with visual content (a territory, traditionally reserved for children’s literature and materials), visual harvesting is a successful way to highlight important discussion essentials; store and memorize easily moments and decisions of key importance and track down the story line of one or several ideas.

Above all, it is fun in a way meeting minutes could never be.


It is part of our own design to perceive much more easily text and images when combined, so if you are keen on using modern technologies and innovations that are flexible and adapted to natural perception and direction of mind, you can now take advantage of the opportunities of the “visual harvest” in your office.

Anelia Barenska, illustrator, working with visual harvesting during a meeting.

“Visual harvesting is not a comics or illustration, it is a synthesis of listening, highlighting crucial points form the main story, grouping them into a narrative line and recreating them in an easy to remember series of images.”


You can try Visual Harvesting and graphic facilitation in Sofia and around with our professional facilitators from the 6 ELEMENTS.

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