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Relying on good marketing in a global era is not an easy task. Strategy, research, social networks, website optimization, reaching a rapidly changing audience, profitable advertising in a community, bombarded by commercial messages; artistic and innovative approach to well-known products, creative product placement – these are too many balls in the air for a single marketing department.

We offer you a complete service, result of the collaboration of a team of professionals and artists, for whom advertising and marketing are yet another reason for creative approach to the practical side of the business reality.

Complete marketing services
through an outsourced marketing agency.


Everything a marketing department can offer, combined with the flexibility to pay for the services according to your need of professional approach of experts from various fields. No hiring and no employee dismissal. Choose your marketing plan and pay according to your needs and requirements. Let’s find your extraordinarily good marketing decision together.


Aneliya Barenska

Manager of Business Analytics

For more than 8 years, Aneliya has been working as a business analyst for Fortune 500 companies and as a consultant to local start-ups.
She is experienced in managing large-scale international projects, as well as in business communication and coordination with three continents.
She loves intuitive things and functionality. She is trying to simplify and imply meaning in individual elements in order to create synergy.
In her everyday life, the optimized Excel coexists in harmony with the digital illustration, coloured pencils and watercolours.
Aneliya speaks English, German and Spanish.
She can never get enough of Summer and the ocean.

Diana Velikova

Marketing Manager

Diana has been working in the area of advertising and event management for more than 20 years. She has over 12 years’ experience as an external marketing consultant for various Bulgarian and international companies. The chance to be a close witness to all sides of the industry gives her the opportunity to know the needs and requirements of the customers in detail.
She likes working with organized professionals, who are constantly dreaming of and seeking new horizons. An idealist by calling, an adventurer by nature and a traveler at heart.

Likes: Good food, a good book and a cup of tea.
Loves: Her work, family and friends
Prefers: Working with perfectionists
Fascinated with: Finding “lost cause” solutions

Ivona Uzunova

Operations Manager

Ivona has a degree in graphic design, advertising and spatial layout from the National Art Academy (NAA). She has first worked as a graphic designer, then as a booker for a modeling agency, and later developed her skills in a marketing department.
She loves design in all shapes and dimensions, as well as photography and yoga. Adores nature, her lovely friends and traveling!

She enjoys working with skeptical people, serious in their approach to work while not taking themselves too seriously.

Yana Stoeva

Art Director

Yana is a graphic designer with over 5 years’ experience in various fields of design. She graduated from the National Art Academy with honours and an award for specialization at the Cité Internationale des Arts – Paris.
She loves everything related to design and art and is deeply fascinated with the various technique and material experimentations. Yana is inspired by the freedom and diversity of the ways an idea can be visualized.
She loves her family, friends and work, as well as the sea and the mountains.

Teodora-Yana Yakova

Manager Creative Technologies

Yana has more than ten years’ experience in digital marketing as a head of department, working on various projects, diverse in scale and theme, for individual clients. In recent years, she is working as a marketing consultant. Her passion is the combination of excellent semantic net with visual elements.
Over-detailed and always on time, coming to work.
At the other extreme in her personal life, being an out-of-schedule catlike opportunist.
Writer and illustrator.
Loves: spontaneous people, animals and museums.

Adriana Dimitrova

Event Manager

Adriana has nearly 20 years’ experience in marketing and advertising. Almost half of this experience comes from companies in the field of information technology, web design and programming. Her passion is the event management – that combination of a creative team, timely planning and excellent organization which sets the stage for the most daring and unconventional ideas.
Whenever there’s time on her hands, she bakes cookies and cakes, knits scarves and hats or makes cards and all sort of handmade things for her loved ones.
Her heart belongs to the Arapya’s Black Sea campsite, with the waves, waiting for the sunrise.