Why an external marketing agency


As an outsourced marketing partner and consultant, we offer:


Access to a team of experts, your marketing department does not have and whose hiring can cost you considerable operating expenses. Using a marketing agency offering outsourced services can cut costs up to 40%.


Guarantee the optimization of your time by choosing a single or regular marketing service – it is not necessary to sustain a whole marketing department just because of your one-time, or based on separate projects, need of professional marketing.


Projects with specific needs from various business areas – marketing in today’s multicultural and complex environment rises the need for broad expert knowledge and creation of advertising products by specialists. Now you can hire an expert at your service only for the period you need one.


It’s not about the size of your business, it’s about your need – as a start-up company, an already existing business or a brand, you can use the outsourced services of a marketing expert to achieve a completely new effective performance, following the rapidly changing audience and new technologies.


We grow together with you – we hire and dismiss staff according to the workload, level of expertise and specific requirements of your business.


Contacts and communication – take advantage of a large variety of partner agencies our team is working with, in order to use the best resources for the benefit of your company. Each of us has experience and is already successfully working with local and international organizations, institutions and consultants.